graphic man throwing liferingThe purpose and mission of this website is to share Gospel of Jesus Christ. In 1999 an organization was formed as a protest group against some of the policies of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church in America). This organization grew and spread nationally to ultimately become WordAlone. Its mantra was Sola Scriptura (one word). Sadly, WordAlone is no longer in operation (its regular operations ended in 2011). This website originated in 2011. What's with the fishing boat? The boat depicted is representative of the Galilean fishing boats in common use during the time of Christ. For a more complete explanation on why it is on our home page, please refer to Sending Ships by Pr. Jaynan Clark. Won't you please check back every now and then? Our clergy-people write articles and opinions and contribute them to this website for your edification and enjoyment. The material printed here has been granted an open-license which means if you wish to copy the material and use it in your evangelism efforts or your congregation, please feel free to do so!

While the original organization known as "WordAlone Network" is no longer in operation, there is, at least, one local chapter still running strong in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. This chapter goes by the name of Twin Cities WordAlone Ministries. This group holds monthly meetings and welcomes all who would attend.