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Congregation Movements - (new section 07/07/12)

St. Peter's Lutheran, Winnipeg, has left the ELCIC, and has voted to join the NALC.

Joy Lutheran, Winnipeg, formed and has joined the NALC.

graphic Luther Rose and Canadian Maple Leaf

See also: websiteis presenting 3 new member congregations!!. . . HERE website's home page redesigned!

A Lenten message from CALC's President, Rev. Ed Skutshek

A welcome to three new CALC member congregations - photos and information added to the Congregations page

A short video clip (Luther at the Diet of Worms) from the 2003 Luther movie

Pastors Installed at Sharon/Peace Lutheran Churches

Information, Click Here!

Mark Chappell of Bethany Lutheran Church, Tilley, AB


Mr. Chappell has written a letter to his congregation in which he states his position on leaving the ELCIC and he makes solid, well-grounded arguments for same. . . here.

Rev. Dr. Lothar Schwabe


Dr. Schwabe has written an opinion piece important to all Canadian Lutherans. Entitled, "When Conscience Is Suppressed," it may be read here.


January 7, 2012: CALC's year-end newsletter has been posted at CALC's web site -

Congregation in Ottawa Severs Its Ties with the ELCIC. — At a second duly-called congregational meeting held December 18th, the members of All Saints Lutheran Church, Ottawa confirmed that they server their ties with the ELCIC. The vote was 92 in favour with 9 against.

CALC General Convention Information

The Bulletin of Reports is now posted at CALC's web site.