Anandae Clark

March 12, 2012

photo of Anandae ClarkNot all in the younger generations are without a compass, faith, boundaries, values. One 18 year old among us dares to share her beliefs in this society of tolerance that doesn't much tolerate those with more traditional, historical faith and values. Thank you, Anandae, for letting us post this.

I believe that a bad situation has the ability to teach you more than a good one,

And that life lessons can only be learned if that person is open to seeing it.

I believe that athletic ability and talent is a gift,

I believe that athletic ability and talent is a gift,

I believe that God has a plan for our lives,

And that faith in him will allow me to persevere through any difficulty.

I believe that learning and understanding are two different things,

And that anything worth having is worth working for.

I believe that being competitive is a good thing,

But competitions are not.

I believe that gymnastics is one of the hardest sports to learn and perform,

But its judging process is flawed.

I believe that achieving perfection is impossible,

But always trying to reach it is commendable.

I believe that global warming is an issue,

But the emergence of technology made it inevitable.

I believe that being held accountable for your actions is slowly becoming obsolete,

And that in its absence entitlement will become natural.

I believe that America’s dependency on oil will lead to another Depression,

And that our need for instant gratification will only aid the issue.

I believe that trying to be aware of the news makes more intelligent people,

And that not enough of us prioritize education.

I believe that every relationship should be based on trust,

And that it is important to learn how to agree to disagree.

I believe that as we lose the older generation we will forget the values that they lived by,

And that such value needed to be timeless,

I believe that we discount the wisdom that their earlier time period had to give us,

Because of our arrogance and inability to listen to their lessons.

I believe that we need to open our ears and understand their skepticism of our actions,

Especially since they were more stable in many necessary ways.

I believe that every individual needs to try and hold themselves to a higher moral standard,

So that the ethics in our country can be upheld and preserved.