Pr. Jaynan Clark

May, 2012

photo of Jaynan ClarkAgain I say... "Structure is one thing, hierarchy is another." LCMC has structure "for good order" three important words glued together into a functional phrase in the Reformation. We have horizontal structure that keeps our feet firmly planted on this our mission field, God's world groaning in travail. A level plain plane for bending knees in repentance and prayer. The appointed place for the... Great Commission to be a verb and church to be an action verb. We don't have hierarchy because we see it as building up in the fashion of the tower of Babel and at odds with the commissioning of all the baptized. Such succession and ordering depends on church history to support its necessity when there is no biblical history to provide a firm foundation for such. Let all who desire priests in succession, bishops and others to have authority over them continue in their witness but let their mouths be silenced regarding their relentless criticism of those of us free in Christ, under His authority as the Word of God and just doing His thing one day and one person at a time. Gracious God, More Jesus, less organized religion, please, we pray for Christ's sake, Amen.