Pr. Jaynan Clark

4 December 2012

photo of Pr. JaynanIn the wake of the most recent election and the extreme change of “view” here in my home state of Washington, I have something new to be thankful for this year. I am thankful that sinners have decided to come out in full view to expose their wanton desire to oppose the doctrine of original sin. I am thankful that for the preacher, the followers and the children of God, things of the dark have been brought to the light one vote at a time. I am thankful that the time of uncertainty and wondering is basically over and who we are and where we are going is fully visible. I am thankful that I do not believe in a random, borderless universe that came to be out of nothing on its own but rather that there is a Heavenly Father who governs over all and subjects even natural law to His authority. I am thankful that though we have all sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, He has not abandoned us to our own self-made chaos and destruction.

Sounds like a “Thanksgiving” article, huh? Yes, it is but not because the calendar set aside one day last month to do ‘that.’ Every day is a day for giving thanks, even and especially in the midst of disorder, disease, despair and destruction. So in these days of darkness we have much to be thankful for when one views the world through Christ’s cross and its light in the darkness, victory in defeat and life in the midst of death.

America’s individual pursuit of happiness has seemingly been equated with the satisfying of the desires of the flesh of each citizen of this nation no matter what the cost to the wider community and the fabric of society. How long can our union withstand such a misguided understanding of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in this so called post-modern era? How long can we be a nation ‘under God’ while denying that reality in our thoughts, words, and deeds one vote at a time? How many times can we turn from our Heavenly Father, reject His teachings, rewrite His natural order and despise His name without grave consequence? Perhaps we are already experiencing and observing the ‘grave’ as we bury the truth and raise up the lies and deceit of the Evil One himself. He once whispered that we could ‘be like God’ and know good from evil. We want that, we pick and eat and suffer the consequences… the grave as wages for our independence, arrogance and selfishness. The wages of sin is death for both the individual and mighty kingdoms and empires. Nations will fall when they turn from the Lord and turn to their own way…even if it happens slowly, painfully, one vote at a time, it happens.

So I am thankful that in this state of my residency we as Washingtonians have shown our hand and chosen to legalize both pot and gay marriage in two votes on one day. I am thankful because it has come to pass and now many will finally see the fruits of our labor and we will be seen to be the withered fig tree that we are. We have usurped the authority of the One. We have dissed His Holy order of creation. We have chosen an altered state of consciousness over reality in order to grant people a legal escape from suffering of the day. Our ‘high’ road will be anything but the path of righteousness or the realization of sought after happiness and peace.

We can make anything legal and we will. One self-justifying vote at a time will seemingly right the wrongs and legalize the uncontrollable all in the name of freedom. Our bondage to ourselves is already oh-so visible. We can make it all legal, and we will, but that will never make it good, right or pleasing in the sight of God.

Abide with us Gracious God and grant us your gift of forgiveness because we know not what we do. Amen.