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"Day of Praise"

Pastor Chris DeGreen

Friday, December 6, 2013

A daily (Monday - Saturday) inspirational message from Pr. Chris DeGreen. It is intended to act in conjunction with Pr. Paul Owens' Daily Devotions.

“This is God, our God forever and ever. He will guide us forever.”__Psalm 48:14

photo of Pastor Chris When God says that He will guide us, He means it. So I'm listening to the radio yesterday after driving 200 miles for a funeral, a funeral planning, and a baptism counseling. I'm almost home to pick up my hungry son for dinner. People on the radio are saying, "I need this and that for Christmas." God zapped me with, "I need an oil change." I argued. God won. So I turned around and pulled into the oil change place. In those 20 minutes, a very young guy at the oil change place bares his soul, rededicates his life to Christ, and commits to a missionary training ministry. Someday we'll know.

photo man praising his God Someday we'll know.

For now, let's just believe and praise God that when God says that He will guide us, He means it.

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