"Q & A - Neighborhood Evangelism"

Pr. Eric Swensson

March 24, 2012

I am ready to start being a “neighborhood evangelist” but don’t know how to actually take the next step? What do I do?

photo of Pr. EricGood question. Rather than read a book or join a committee (neither of which are bad things to do), there is one really simple thing to do. Take a quiet moment and have at hand your Bible and something to write with. Read a favorite portion of relevant Scripture—for example, “Behold, I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!” http://ebible.com/nkjv/section/1943. Pray and begin to think about two things. First, who might join you? This is important because even if they do not actually go out to witness or to visit people you can give each other mutual support. It is good to have someone to bounce ideas off of, also.

Second, what is most effective in evangelism is to befriend people and then share your testimony, so start thinking about your faith story. Therefore, after you have prayed and thought about it a little, just start writing out your own faith story. Think about the stages of your life and where you were at each stage emotionally and spiritually. Where was God in each? How did you relate to God in each stage of your life, and where are you at today.

People are not looking for the dramatic; they want to know God is real. Is God real to you? If so, share that. And be aware that many people whom God is going to reach through you are going to need time. They may have many questions and more than a few objections. Your job is not to answer each question but to walk along with them as they sort things out.

Most of all, be aware of the great grace that God has shown to you and that God is showing them the same.

All is in His hands and we play but a small part—but we do have a part to play.