Pr. Eric Swensson

12 April 2012

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One of our "Safe Harbors," the Institute of Lutheran Theology, is launching two new initiatives. The first is an appeal for support. Specifically, financial support that would help future Lutheran leaders and pastors with their tuition into the Institute. The other intiative is "International Partners" directed by our own Pastor Eric Swensson.

In support of the first initiative listed above, read the testimony of a real student about the benefit of this training that combines the best aspects of an ancient practice with the most up-to-date technology.

“My name is John Lewis, and I am one of the many passionate students at the Institute of Lutheran Theology (ILT). Studying to become a pastor used to mean leaving your faith community and meeting seminary professors where they are. Becoming a pastor means going into debt with very little direct support from the greater church body. Also, there was little opportunity to apply what you are learning in a local congregation. The challenge was how to train confessional Lutheran pastors while keeping them within a faith community and maintaining accountability to the local congregation. It was the Institute that came to fill this void by bringing the theologians to us. Because of the online platform, I was able to take a few courses-making sure this was the path for me.”

“My family has been able to continue their lives. Both my wife and I have full-time jobs, and we continue the family's involvement with friends and family and in school and sports. I am able to continue my roles as a husband, father, and son while becoming a pastor. Through it all, I have an ever growing energy in the service of ministry. There have been distractions, but none in the shape of competitors for my strength or allegiance. I have grown a passion for the Word and the Confessions of our faith.”

The Institute of Lutheran Theology needs your donation in order to make this a reality for John and other future leaders. We hope you will not only use THIS LINK to make a contribution; it is our further hope you consider using the option to give regular contributions.

May the Lord bless you and keep you,

May the Lord's face shine on you and be gracious to you,

The Lord look on you with favor, and give you peace!

International Partners

Photo of Pr. EricImagine the Lutheran future a century from now. Membership in Europe and North America may be greatly diminished but in what once called the developing world growth is as robust as its Confessional faith. In these lands where Lutheranism is relatively new, Lutherans have shaped their countries through their churches and schools. They have drawn from masses disillusioned by false prosperity gospels. Because these are the lands where Christianity has continued to grow rapidly, there are more Lutherans than anyone could have imagined.

Could this actually happen? Yes. Invest into the Lutheran future with us. The Institute of Lutheran Theology (ILT) is using technology to prepare pastors and teachers, and we are going forth one nation at a time. You can be a game changer too by becoming one of the individuals or churches who donate to start up ILT International Partners.

ILT shall facilitate the establishment of a school in countries where invited. We will be responsible for all the instruction that takes place. The expectation is that the school will become a self-standing corporation whose success or failure ultimately rests with the local Lutheran district.

For more information on ILT's International activities you can download the ILT International brochure (PDF) HERE.

Our own Pr. Eric Swensson is the director of the International Partnership initiative at ILT. There are exciting things happening now and more to come. Stay tuned for updated and relevant information on this great endeavor!