Pr. Jaynan Clark

23 June 2012

photo of Pr. Jaynan

Children of the Light?

Wandering and lost

Preferring the darkness in which to hide

Questioning the existence of God as Father

Usurping the authority of His Word

Denying the virginity of Mary

Explaining away the miracles

Relegating the evil one to the powerful status of non-existence

Un-sinning and even blessing behavior noted as deadly

Self creating a pocket pal Jesus of no consequence

Stripping Him of divinity, authority, power and reign

Reduced to a like on Facebook

A friend, a colleague, an advisor, a personal trainer

Impotent, mute, small, tolerant and accepting

One of many ways

One among many truths

One of numerous ways to salvation

Light to some, bread to others, a shepherd to the lower ones

Surely “I am” and He is not.

The darkness is not only blinding but deafening

Are their ears to hear over the tumult?