Pr. Jaynan Clark

February, 2011

graphic about us image(A call to America to repent and be rescued again by the One God we have denied but are truly under.)

“Then the eyes of both of them were opened, and they realized they were naked; so they sewed fig leaves together and made coverings for themselves.” (Gen. 3: 7)

In the beginning they could see but now they are blind.

Blinded by a lie that was whispered in their ears.

Blinded from the truth that preceded all their fears.

Blinded by the dark that doubted there was light.

Blinded by their ‘self’ from a relationship that was right.

Forever on this earth they will struggle and toil in vain.

They will call out condemnation as they suffer needless pain.

Blaming neighbor, friend and foe and God the most indeed,

The only one who’s right and true and special is their need.

Detoured from the promise that created them dependent and small,

They traded for the deception that they are the most important one of all.

The journey continues daily as the children cry out alone.

But searching deep within only leads them farther from home.

This dilemma is not imaginary it is real beyond reproach.

Enlightened minds denying sin while demons now encroach.

Children without their Father are orphans of the snake.

Hanging beside their ears whispering that which is only fake.

Doubting there is a Father, a Son and a Holy Spirit too,

These orphans are left to look for life in anything that seems new.

There is nothing new about the Fall and the leaves of the fig.

Each day among the walking dead this drama is played out big.

For there can be no life beyond the Truth that sets us free,

There can be no answers and no peace: no rest for ultimate “me.”

Forever stitching fig leafs to conceal our private parts,

The one of most concern is the farthest from our hearts.

Reaching back we cover our rears as we point with our index finger,

Blame your neighbor, friend or family as endless excuses linger.

Lash out at God above who disappoints you both night and day.

The one who apparently never existed replaced by a ‘big bang’ as they say.

Orphaned and lost with no truth claims to seek, the lie of the self remains true.

If you want to succeed and be all that you can just deny Him that’s all you must do.

Trade Him in for another who worships the flesh, fulfills desires that serve only one,

Then sit in your fine houses, cars, lounge chairs and spas and wonder what it is you have won.

It is hollow to live for the self not the other and deny your Father above.

All the money, gold, silver, IRA’s and success will not buy you an ounce of real love

No fig leaf to cover His privates was offered; exposed He hung there on the cross

No need to reach back and cover His rear while blaming the crowd for His loss.

Sin was so real, so heavy, so cruel it came down on Him innocent though He be.

Forgiving the betrayers, deceivers, all sinners He died there right on that tree.

It was for you that He died and for those you ignore as you focus your eyes on your needs.

Freed to serve God and His living Word Jesus there’s no reason to not sow faith seeds.

Sitting dead in the pews is the problem not the answer as this country of ours tumbles down,

Playing church with each other while Lazarus lies at our doorstep is less than profound.

Theologizing and meeting and organizing too we let Satan call all the wrong shots,

We listen as Satan tells us how important we are while the orphans are still casting lots

Though risen, Jesus still hangs there naked in shame,

No fig leaf required to cover the one who’s to blame.

For you this has happen, for you it is “done”... “it is finished” the battle is ultimately won.

Satan, the serpent, is a poor loser who will never concede,

He drones on plaguing God’s children with his lies and his greed.

Desiring to rule over this playground of now,

He infects every creature, not always sure how.

What is right becomes wrong, what is wrong becomes true,

Abnormal is normalized and for our “rights” we will sue.

The one to be hated, despised and rejected,

Still hangs in the balances as prophets projected.

Have your god, any god, you can make one of your own,

But don’t drag in Jesus for we have pummeled His throne.

But when faced with disaster momentarily at a loss,

We will call on His name and proclaim He is boss.

Then again we will return to our selfish neglect,

Banishing God from our courts, schools and lives in every respect.

His grace is amazing, a wonder indeed,

Though banished, He still provides for our needs.

So, children of God, the answer is singular, good and divine.

The answer is Jesus for now and all time.

He is far from accepting and tolerant and gay

He confronts every one of us in some way each day.

No pushover, no activist, no cheerleader or wimp,

When you wrestle with this One it is you who will limp.

Just like Adam and David and Jacob of old,

This new age is no different; we are cut from that mold.

We deny Him and fight Him and choose our own way,

We listen to the enemy and “whatever!” we say.

The struggles, the suffering, the judgments resound.

Why are children left crying and the old falling down?

Where are the saved, the followers the children of “the Way?”

Cannot you from ‘the ends of the earth’ come to witness today?

For centuries we exported the Gospel, the Truth of the Word,

Then we traded it for theories and nonsense absurd.

America, stop listening to those with their fig leafs in tact

Who vote for self profit while debt and failure they continue to rack.

They passed on the lie that we can succeed and be great,

When repenting for our foolishness is what’s called for of late.

Drop down on your knees between His cross and the tomb,

Own who you are since your time in the womb.

Created by Him there is no rest beyond His hand,

Even America the great empire will fall as a land.

Only One remains to save us, same One from then till now,

He will never abandon us; so let’s put our hand to the plow.

Faces pointed forward let’s stop whining about the past,

The pomegranates and melons need make way for a fast.

Yesterdays gone, there is only today and tomorrow,

Give way to light that banishes darkness and sorrow.

Deny yourself, follow Him, take up your cross,

There are sheep to be rescued not one left as a loss.

Abandon your fig leaves, don’t cover your rears.

Repent for your failures as He wipes all your tears.

He died for you once, it’s enough, it is true.

By this Word of promise we all are made new.

Once you were blind but now you can see.

The sight of your God’s love exposed on the tree,

The Way, Truth and Life He forever shall be. . .

while His children remain beggars all on bended knee.

Naked but Free!