Rev. Dr. Lothar Schwabe

February 12, 2013

photo of Dr. SchwabeNations spend huge resources for the military
To protect themselves against humans.
Nations have huge budgets for police, justice systems, and jails
To protect themselves against their own kind.

Who will mourn the human race when we are wiped out?
If any will survive which species of nature will miss us?
Will the earth weep when we are gone?

Humans are lied to...
And exploited by humans.

Who will miss us when some giant space rock hits the earth?

Some claim there is only original goodness and no sin.
They say that people are all good
And loving deep within.

They say we do not need the Ten Commandments.
We do not need a God, who sent a saviour,
His only son, to die for our sins.

They say that God is accepting us no matter what.
The Bible is a human product. Pick what you like.
There is no judgment. Repentance is now obsolete.
How did we get to this? Lord, have mercy!

Ash Wednesday 2013

Dr. Lothar Schwabe