Pr. Jaynan Clark

February 21, 2013

photo of Pr. JaynanOf course Jesus had it right when He not only addressed us as children but actually time and again encouraged us, maybe even commanded us, to be like little children in our faith. After all, if that is how He wants us to be then He will surely have to make it so.

There are many columns, articles, and books that lift up and celebrate the humor of what comes out of “the mouth of babes.” Some even recognize the wisdom that is also present. I consider myself taught when I go to have chapel time with our preschool classes at the church. We have a class for the three year olds and one for the four year olds. The school itself is called SFLP—School for Little People. I laughed the first time I saw it.

This week, as I was supposedly teaching the four year old class… but more accurately being taught by them, we were together considering the story about Zacchaeus and Jesus. I had my yardstick to make the point that the story isn’t about Zacchaeus being short or a “little person” like all gathered but rather about his rejection by all and his call by name from Jesus. Anyway, we talked about Jesus calling us by name, finding us, making a home with us and loving us no matter how others may treat us. Jesus called Zacchaeus because it was His will not because of who he was or wasn’t or what he had done in life. I explained to the “little ones” that the Bible tells us that Zacchaeus admitted to doing some bad stuff to some people as a chief tax collector and a wealthy guy. When Jesus called him he repented and announced that he would try to make things right with those he wronged.

About that call of Zacchaeus by name, how did Jesus make that happen? I pointed to the stained glass cross that is the prominent front of this little church to explain and before I could say anything one little hand shot up. This ‘little’ boy child said, “Jesus went to the cross for my bad.” I couldn’t have said it better… the confession of a ‘little person’, side by side with the confession of Zacchaeus.

Child of God, have ears to hear . . . and faith as a little child, because Jesus went to the cross for your bad and mine. That’s why.